Backyard Food Forest

Water Harvesting Masonry

Design Portfolio

Successful Projects come from good Ecological Design. Here are some examples of our projects:

Greywater Solutions

Greywater plays a vital role in how we manage water and deal with waste. It is practical to use all of the resources that we import to their fullest potential before they leave a site. Greywater Solutions make it possible for us to conserve resources and grow healthy plants. We provide consultation, technical drawings, contractor support, and installation for various systems.

If you are seeking more information about Greywater Specific Projects, please see our Colorado Greywater Website or contact us at

Urban Applications

Connect with the natural world in urban spaces. These sleek wicking beds utilize a fraction of the water of conventional raised beds. They offer a low maintenance garden that can provide fresh vegetables and clean air.
Projects in collaboration with  Bonsai-db Architecture

Backyard Revolutions

This project started when two permaculture buddies decided to team up. Their projects have all offered integrated solutions for residential food production and resilient landscapes. Their teamwork is powerful and their skills span many disciplines. Unfortunately, their distance across Colorado’s front range keeps them from collaborating more often. Just as in nature, they can be found working together when the conditions are right.

Benevolence Orchard

This project began with a solid design. From there, our collaborative team brought the space to life. This Heirloom Fruit Orchard and Medicinal Herb Farm sprang to life, incorporating polyculture planting, pollinator habitat, and passive water harvesting techniques. You can learn more about this Benevolence Orchard Here.