Rainwater Harvesting

Simple Earthworks make rainwater harvesting legal in Colorado. I like to Plant the Rain first, and anything you plant from there will thrive. From Contour Swales to Sunken Basins, Curb Cuts to French Drains. These simple rainwater management solutions can help mitigate the damage from drought and floods. They can support healthy Orchards or Annual Flower Gardens.

Residential front yard with basement flooding problem

Shaping the Earth for Bioretention to increase rainwater infiltration

Earthworks prevent flooding and increase resilience during drought

With the passage of the Rainbarrel Bill (HB16-1005), Homeowners can now Barrels to store rainwater for use in your garden. Here are some examples of Rainbarrels that we have installed throughout the years.

Simple Recycled Rainbarrel

Repurposed Rainbarrel for garden irrigation

The Geodome Greenhouse Experiment

The Backyard Geodome Experiment has been an ongoing experiment in Climate Stabilization and Food Security. Manufactured from scratch with care and attention to detail, the first  draft has been revised and upgraded for Round 2. Stay tuned for the incorporation of Arduino Controls, Earth Plasters, and of course state of the art Aquaponics Food Production.

Love Grows – Annuals & Flower Gardens

For Four years the Love Grows Garden evolved, from a neglected grassland backyard into a Annual Garden oasis of flowers, vegetables, and joy. The flowers brought happiness to our wedding and the vegetables consistently fed our family and community with tomatoes, fresh basil, & squash, year-round pickles, herbs, & greens.