Permaculture Design – Any good project starts with Design. Through years of careful observation and many diverse projects, we have learned how to implement ecological systems at many scales. Contact us for an initial consultation.

Water Systems – From water flows in your landscape to how you use it in your home, we can help with practical & efficient water solutions that support our planets hydrologic cycle. In the past few years, we helped to shift the Colorado laws to allow for Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Re-use. Rainwater can be harvested in barrels at your home, or in the landscape for passive irrigation, and these same techniques can prevent flood damage.

Food Systems – A good ecological design brings an abundance of food for humans, habitat, and supports sustainable soil health. When working with food, our strategy is to always start in the soil. From building compost to companion plants, from biodynamics to aquaponics, we have implemented lots of strategies for food production. From the Farm and Greenhouse to the Backyard and Urban lots, we can help you produce food for your family.

Structural Systems – Shelter is an essential resource for life. We have built structures for shade, comfort, and living. Our focus is on natural building materials that come from the earth, the forests, and the farm. These materials can be sourced locally and renewably to provide housing for all of humanity. We are experienced in design and construction for homes made of straw or hemp, tires or timbers. And living spaces with patios or pergolas, tiny homes or greenhouses. We regularly partner with Living Craft as a general contractor for larger projects and Bonsai Homes for professional architecture

Energy Systems- The power to cook, heat, & light our spaces can be transformed into renewable sources. Alternative energy systems take ancient practices and combine modern efficiencies to provide energy for our needs. We promote energy efficiency and design passive and renewable energy systems for our projects.