Throughout the years, we have spent a lot of time in the garden. From Backyard Abundance to Biodynamic Farms. From Automated Aquaponics Greenhouses to Mushroom Logs, our experience in food production spans a wide range. We would be happy to help you achieve your goals for food production. From Farm to Garden, Wilderness to Urban Space we can design & implement the appropriate solutions.

Annual Gardens

Annual Gardens provide seasonal vegetables. Instead of applying chemical fertilizers or pesticides, our approach to annual gardening is in building healthy soils to meet the needs of your plants. From square foot gardens and raised beds to sheet mulched gardens and small farms we can find the solution that works for you.



Orchards are traditionally grown in straight rows. Our approach to Integrated Orchards utilize passive irrigation and rainwater harvesting. The polyculture of companion plants can be called aFood Forest” because each plant serves a role in the overall health of the system. Each year the maintenance and inputs are reduced as the yields increase.


Greenhouses extend the growing season and allow for a wider diversity of crops in any season. The designs that we work with are passively oriented to harvest sun, rain, wind, and other elements from the site. This provides a low maintenance space with abundant yields throughout the year.


Integrated Animals

Integrated Animals work with a site to enhance the overall fertility, while managing garden pests. Well placed animals in a system can offer reduced maintenance while providing surplus yields. We have spent years raising chickens, fish, worms, bees on our property, and are happy to share that experience with you!

Dealing with Waste

In a healthy ecological system, waste becomes food for another organism. We build healthy soils the same way that we build healthy guts with beneficial bacteria and fungi. Compost is full of these beneficial organisms and can be used to enhance the fertility in our soils. We can help with worm bins and home composting systems!

Urban Growing Solutions

In tight living spaces, there is still room to grow food! Our urban wicking beds offer a wonderful way to grow some serious food on a balcony, a rooftop, or a small backyard space. Potted plants and mini-aquaponics systems can provide herbs year round. Working with your neighbors to garden underutilized spaces can enhance a place for the whole community.

Design for Abundance

By integrating these systems with your lifestyle, you can plant the seeds of Abundance! Companion plants and enhanced soil fertility lead to greater yields each year with lower inputs and lower maintenence.

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